Finally my muse stopped by!

About two months before the start of #NaNoWriMo2014 I knew I wanted to participate. I completed a novel on 2012 and the struggle wasn’t bad. So, I got ready to try again. Unfortunately, this year has been challenging. I do have the time to write, but my muse had other plans. I guess he was buried under my reading addiction, but finally today he broke free and I’m glad he did (yes, my muse is male).

After debating what to write, I finally decided to leave all my WIPs on the electronic drawer and start fresh — as I supposed to (#Nano rules). I started by looking at my inspiration gallery and bang! there they were, waiting for me. I found my MC’s. I setup my PC and dusted my writing playlist (not a music person). As soon as the music started I got my title. Couple songs later I got my series title, the setting and the basic background on one of the MCs.

I couldn’t wait to share so, I started creating my inspiration board, updated my #Nano page and now, I’m here updating you guys. I’m so glad to get mostly everything ready since I’m a pantster. Today, I’m getting all my info together and tomorrow will be time to hurry up and write since I’m ten days behind the curve. I’ll try to post updates here to keep me honest, but you can always find me on Twitter.

Ok, time to go and get ready to rumble. But, first here it is a little bit of Like Loving You (South of the Border #1) inspiration.

Love you’ll,

Lila Leigh

Trevor Harlan Winters

Trevor Harlan Winters

Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore




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