And we have a blurb…

Slowly, but steady. At some point before the end of the month, I will finish the first draft of Like Loving You (South of the Border #1). Until then, feel free to comment on the blurb and give me your opinion. Please remember everything I publish in this blog is raw and unedited, unless other is specified. Now, enjoy! 🙂

Texas Ranger Trevor Winter’s 38th birthday loomed like a black cloud above his head. His new assignment was beneath his pay grade, his sex life sucks, and his chances to command the elusive Ranger Company X, an elite group of wolf trackers based in San Antonio was slipping between his paws. The new Governor Elect requested a royal tracker to be his son’s guardian. The last thing Trevor wanted, was to travel abroad to babysit a kid. Unfortunately, he had no say on the issue since the Alpha King gave him the final order.

Daniel Alvarez was livid with his father. Why he needed a guardian for his rural project in Mexico was beyond his grasp. He was just an architectural professor in his thirties teaching for a living. He had no fortune or social standing of his own. His family politely threw him out when he brought home his high school boyfriend. And now, having a gay son gave his father the advantage to win the midterm election.

Their meeting will uncover past lies and a connection between shifters thought long lost. They will battle public corruption, drug cartels and sassy twinks to stop the extermination of were packs. All with the hopes to be free of it and to create a simple future together.


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