Blog Hop Story: Update

I like to use images to visualize stories. Anything from the main characters to a flower on their garden. I can’t start writing if I don’t have two things, the book title and the main characters’ names. Most times they stay the same after everything is completed. I also like to have a list of topics or aspects I want to cover during the story.

For this blog hop the image, as well as three basic aspects were provided. I completed and edited my really short story at the end of last month. Unfortunately, when I read it again I realized I left one of those key items out. I’m one bad boy short. Now the question is, can one of them be my bad boy or do I need a new character?

Well, the answer is simple. You’ll need to come back December 1st to find out. In the meantime I’ll let you go with a simple line from The Glass Ornament: Ford & Daniel’s story.

The unexpected cold blast shook him, but Daniel’s warm chest  pressed against his back held him still. 


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