MM Romance Themes

An article on The Gaily Grin called my attention this morning. It was “Randy Blue presents the ‘Top 10 Overused Gay Porn Scenarios’. It has a video attached depicting those scenarios. It was very true and very funny (I’ll recommend you visit their website), but mostly I liked it because I have been looking for a good book to read and several samples were repetitive. I read a lot, at least one story a day sometimes more. Therefore, I see the same topics/themes constantly. Many times the author provides his/her own take and others it’s just more of the same. I think the porn industry is having the same problem as the publishing one. We, as authors need to re-imagine scenarios that worked for our fans before, but we need to take the initiative to give them something fresh. To open the possibilities for them to explore and create a new mental image attach to the scenarios.

I will love to get your opinion about the top overused topics on M/M romance stories. I’m sure a lot of GFY and wolves mates would show up.

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