Love is an Open Road…with Pirates ☠

Once again I’m joining the GoodReads MMRomance group event Don’t Read in the Closet. This year’s event is named Love is an Open Road. For a period of time writers are able to claim one of 200 prompts as base for a story. I claimed mine March 1st at 1:00 AM CST. Yes, it was a crazy time, but so worth it. I felt in love with this prompt as soon as I read it and waited 24 hours for it to become available. Now is when the fun begins. I have to do some research since this is my first historical story. Plus, I want to work on an outline to skip plot holes. I’m taking no more than one week to complete these tasks and then, is writing full steam. As soon as I have more to share I will be posting some updates. Now take a minute and read the prompt I’m working with. Please feel free to leave any comments here or thru social media.


PirateDear Author,

I wasn’t always a pirate. I was once the son of a nobleman, born to a life of privilege, if not of love. As a boy, I spent my summers on my grandfather’s estate by the sea, away from the notice of my disinterested parents. I spent the days with a boy from the village, my best friend, my only friend. It was he that taught me to love life and to seek adventure. As we grew older, he taught to me to love in other ways as well. My father died the summer I turned 18 and it was 4 years before I could return to my grandfather’s estate, now my estate as well. I looked for my friend, but no one had seen him in years. Lost to the sea was what they thought. The years went by and the void in my life could not be filled. I lost my will to love life as he had taught me. I moved to my estate by the sea, roamed the beach and mourned for my lost love. Until the day he returned.

“Come with me now. A life of adventure awaits.”




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