Update: St. Andrew’s Bay Chronicles

First, I apologize for not updating you more often, but I got distracted by the story. Second, …

Currently, St. Andrew’s Bay Chronicles is under beta read and the cover is ready. Therefore, I should be submitting it with plenty of time. I joined Camp NaNoWriMo at the beginning of April and it’s working pretty well. I’m also sprinting on Facebook with a group of great writers to get the word counts going.

There’s not much else in this front. I’ll let you know when final edits are completed.

Enjoy the excerpt below, see you all soon.

By the time they made it back to port, the constable was waiting. The raging fire gave them away. Perhaps Andrew could jump overboard without calling much attention. He really disliked all the formalities of his stature. He just wanted to be left with his sorrow as his only companion. The last couple of days away from his sanctuary had taken a toll on his demeanor. Not that he was a friendly lad, but at least when alone he had a chance to enjoy his thoughts. With the storm season getting closer, the Valero’s trips to the other islands were going to be limited. He was ready to mourn his love in peace, without pretending to be anything other than a common pirate. Only one more challenge before his escape could be complete.

“Permission to come aboard, Captain Callaghan.”

And there went his last hope. He should be used to it by now, but every time he heard the man’s voice, he felt a strong need to mock him.  The constable tried very hard to impress everyone with his Spanish accent, but everyone on the island knew he was as criollo as any of them. At least Andrew got the deep tone of his Irish ancestors tamed enough that no one could tell he was not another American in the New World.

“Granted,” Andrew responded. “My valued constable, glad to see you this afternoon,” Andrew said as a greeting to the infuriating man.

“Tales of another killing precedes you, Captain.”

“I am becoming suspicious of your ability to find the truth so easily, Constable Villa Real.”

“Ah. So it is true.”

“Indeed. I had to defend the Valero from a ruthless captain and his crew. As always, we tried to avoid their ship, but were unsuccessful in the endeavor.”

“I see, and you boarding their ship was just your way to get away from them, correct?”

“Yes. You know me so well, Constable. I offered myself in exchange for the safety of my crew and was allowed on board. Unfortunately, they instantly tried to kill me. I just defended myself.”

“And your men followed you?”

“Yes, they are just a great group, my mates.”

“Very well, Captain. I see you are being as helpful as always. I will talk with the prisoners and your crew at a later time. In the meantime, please try not to kill.” And with that, the constable walked away.


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