Oops! … I did it Again

I’m not precisely Britney, but at least we are in the same age group.

On April 1st a lonely Love is an Open Road prompt showed and I was unable to resist it. At that point, I was 5,000 words away from finishing St. Andrew’s Bay Chronicles and this poor merman gave me the boost I needed to cross the finish line. In return, I adopted him.

I’m currently working on research & planning and hopefully by next week I’ll have an excerpt. I created a Pinterest board if you want to see what I see.

Here is his backstory,

Dear Author,

Doesn’t this merman look sad and lonely? Can you put a smile on his face?

Matthew Arnold’s 1849 poem The Forsaken Merman tells the story of a merman whose human wife leaves him and their children to return to life on the surface. The haunting final lines of the poem are:

There dwells a loved one,
But cruel is she.
She left lonely for ever
The kings of the sea.

Perhaps the merman in your story is the same one from the poem; perhaps he is a different merman altogether. One thing is for certain: if mermaids keep falling in love with human men, as they do in fairy tales and princess movies, there are going to be a whole lot of single, lonely (and horny?) mermen left in the ocean.

What’s a merman to do?

What will you write? My “favorite” would be a GFY, First-Time or Friends-to-Lovers type of story. But it’s up to you! Sweet romance, kinky merman sex, ménage, MPREG, shifters, tentacle porn— all fine. My only requirement is that one MC be a merman and the other MC(s) be, if not mermen, at least non-human. And of course, a happy ending!


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