Flash Fiction – 08/21/2015

Beach Flash

Story # 1

“No, please, no,” I cried kneeling down by Daniel’s head. My beautiful human looked so peaceful lying down on the warm sand, but I knew the sad truth. Only his soul waited for me, trapped in his lifeless body. Now it was my job to set it free. Slowly I leaned over, “Good-bye, my love,” I murmured by his ear before aligning my lips with his. I held still, cursing the damn gods for taking him. When our lips touched, his soul vanished, turning his body into ashes. I reached for them as they became one with the summer breeze.


Story # 2

“Relax, no one know us here.”

“I know, but they’d be able to tell.”

“That’s not our problem, let them talk.”

“What if they look for us?”

“They’ll not, I assure you.”

“Fine, but what’s next?”

“Freedom. We take our clothes off and enjoy the sun.”

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?”

“No more than you, love.”

Ahh, always the charmer.”

“Only for you.”

“Let me see you, it’s been awhile.”

“Like you don’t know how I look.”

“It’s not the same.”


“Because it’s you, not me.”

“Come, rest on my lap. Let me kiss you again, brother of mine.”


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