#NaNoWriMo Starts today!

Nano Participant

Another November, another #NaNoWriMo. This year, I’ll be writing as a NaNo Rebel. And what’s that? In reality, nobody knows, but according to the masses, a rebel is a writer that’s participating in NaNo, but not writing a novel, even when they reach the required 50K words.

During November, I’ll be working on the last three books in the Exhibits series (contemporary BDSM) for which, Graphic Exposure is book #1. I’m hoping for three stories at 20K each, for a total of 60K. I know there’s going to be a challenge, but all these stories are talking to me, plus they are related, overall. Hopefully, you will be able to read them all during 2016— starting with a Graphic Exposure expansion.

If you want to see the inspiration boards, click on the story link below.

Prescribed Discipline (Exhibits, #2)

Behind Glass (Exhibits, #3)

Changing Lenses (Exhibits, #4)

Happy NaNo to all of those participating and don’t forget to stop by Lila’s Cabana on Facebook to keep up with my daily (term used loosely) progress.



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