A Writing Blueprint for 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday. For some, it might be over, but since I’m from Puerto Rico, this is just the last part of the celebrations. We have the longest Christmas period on record– from Thanksgiving to the middle of January. Oh, and tomorrow is Three Kings Day Eve!

As the kids go back to school, and everything returns to a routine, so does my writing. This year, to stay motivated, I had signed for several writing challenges along the way; from daily to a 365K yearly challenge. I’m not starting to write until tomorrow when peace would return to this house. Yes, school break would be over. I do love my kids, but I can’t write with them running around, and there’s nothing my five-year-old love more than to sit beside me when I’m at my desk. Did I mention she loves to talk even more? So, yes, starting tomorrow, I’m keeping track of my word count.

2016-01-02 18.15.13I challenged myself to be more committed to my writing. In 2014, I wrote one story, and last year, I wrote five. This year, I’m reaching for seven even when I had scheduled twelve of them. No, I’m not writing a story a month. Graphic Exposure and Prescribed Discipline would be re-writes, and I had four novellas in the mix. I’m planning to divide my time by quarters, thanks to #Row80, to make my goal achievable. I edit as I go. Therefore, the editing would take less time, and I’d be able to add between the writing. Plus, when some of the projects are in beta or editing, I’ll have the time to work on covers, queries, and other administrative details.

Setting tasks and deadlines is as important as the next story to write. Writing is my job in 2016, and I’m planning to treat it as a forty-hour job with a boss breathing on my back. I’m trying to keep procrastination at bay and boredom away. And, since I need some time away from my books, I’ll be reading and reviewing books as well at Someone Else’s Stories and other review sites. As well as taking part of several writing challenges as part of the Goodreads MM Romance group.

So, if you still reading, congrats. I can be all over the place at times. Since I like lists, here are some of my plans for the new year. I’ll keep you all up-to-date as the year moves on.

January Writing Challenge (MM Romance Writers group)

  • 45k Words (three stories)

NaNoWriMo (November)

  • Catfights – 50K words

#Row80 Round 1 (125K words total)

  • January – Short story submission – 25K words
  • February & March – Curtland Inked Heirs, book #1 – 60K words

The Year of Writing Dangerously (local NaNo chapter)

  • January to May – Military X-Mas, book #1 – 50K words
  • June to October – A Demons’s Duty to the Devil’s Son – 50K words

365K Club (10 Minute Novelist)

  • A goal of 365k words for 2016 with a daily word count spreadsheet
  • January to October – Triad – 100K words

And that’s all folks! A lot to do, but as a stay-at-home, mother of four, and full-time author, I should be able to accomplish most, if not, all of it.

Let the games begin!



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