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2016 #ROW80 Round 1: Check-In 13

I don’t have a writing background per se. I have written academic papers, always in the first person, naming references and following a structure, which helped me transitioned into fiction without much trouble. All my stories so far had been written in the third person past tense. It’s what I learned when I was first exploring the idea of writing fiction.

All my stories, so far, had been written using third person past tense. It’s what I learned when I first explored the idea of writing fiction. I like the idea to write a book as if I were describing a play or movie to someone– from having the characters play with their cuff links to those who can’t stop shaking their leg as they wait for something to happen.

Lately, I had been contemplating the idea of writing something in first person past. I have done it before with flash fiction, but most readers in my genre complaint about first person stories. Claiming it takes them out of the story or that the characters’ musings are more ramblings than anything else.

As a reader, I don’t mind the first person stories, but I see two different type of stories. The first, when the narrator is telling us what happened. Almost as is he/her were having a conversation with the reader. I’m not a big fan of this style. And the second one, when we are living the events with the characters. When, as readers, we see, smell, touch, hear and taste everything the character does. Those stories I love.

I’m currently reading the second book in a series written in first person present. At the beginning, I was put off by the style. I didn’t enjoyed the first book because it took me more than normal to connect with the characters. Now that I’m in the second book, I’m able to enjoy the story without feeling that internal editor voice telling me to correct the verb tenses.

Overall, it’s up to the author to find the best way to tell their characters’ stories. I might experiment a little with the first person past in the near future. Also, I had never read anything written in second person past or present tense, but I’d love to.

What about you? What’s your favorite POV and tense?


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