Best Advice? Write About What You Know

2016 #ROW80 Round 1: Check-In #21

One of the most cliché writing advice is to “write about what you know.” That doesn’t mean to limit yourself, but to know your limitations. I found the truth behind this statement the hard way.

I know nothing about geekdom. No matter if it is Star Wars, Marvel/DC Comics or anything under the cosplay umbrella. I know nothing. So, having a complete chapter in which my MCs are having a date at a Star Trek festival had taken me three times longer.

It isn’t that I didn’t do my research. I did. But integrating it in a way that makes sense take skills. Skills I’m trying to develop as I go.

I have about two scenes to complete, and then I’m beaming myself to the next chapter. Just learn from my mistakes, write about what you know.


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  1. My fear about writing what I don’t know, is that the experts are going to read it and see right through me. Sometimes no matter how much research a person does, unless they are in the trenches it’s tough to relate. Best wishes on your journey into geekdom and back.

  2. But I’ve had so many adventures writing about what I don’t know! One of the hardest challenges was writing from a male viewpoint. But I reassured myself by reading a few books with female protags who were created by male writers. Because I’m more of an intuitive writer, my stories take me very unexpected places — from Scotland to Australia, and now to the wilds of Canada, researching all the way. I’d love to go to a Star Trek convention, and now you have an excuse! Doesn’t youtube have a few videos to help you? I’m with Chris. Embrace your geekdom!!!! And have a great week. PS Here’s a link: about the 2014 Star Trek Convention. 🙂

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