Monday Flash Fics -Baby Boy – 4/4/2016

Starting this month, I’m joining a group of great MM writers that are creating flash fictions pieces based on a weekly photo prompt. I’m a little behind schedule today, but here is my first contribution. Enjoy!

Sidewalk Couple

Baby Boy

Greg relaxed when Scott wrapped himself around his torso. He knew his baby needed some time with friends, but leaving him under Melissa’s care had been one of the hardest moments in their relationship.

“Did you have fun, baby boy?”

“Yes, daddy. I played with Tommy’s toys, but I don’t want to go again.”

“You don’t have to. Next time you want a play date, you can invite Tommy over.”

“Okay, daddy. Can you give me a bath?”

“After your snack.”

Wrapping his arms around Greg’s neck, Scott closed his eyes. Greg carried his baby boy back to their apartment.

100 words

Don’t forget to  visit the Monday Flash Fics Group on Facebook to read the rest of the stories.

See y’all next Monday!


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