When Real Life Intervenes…

2016 #ROW80 Round 2: Check-In #3

2016-04-12 21.54.26Last night, I was working on my #WIP and my husband was watching a show with our oldest daughter on the other side of our family room. He called me because a weather alert interrupted the programming. They were showing the areas a severe hailstorm was going to affect within minutes and according to the map, we weren’t part of the advisory. Yes, we would get rain and wind, but the baseball size hail would skip our area.

Wrong… Within minutes, the rain started, and then, all hell broke loose. I’m from Puerto Rico and have had my share of hurricanes, but the sound of hail hitting everywhere was deafening. By the end of the storm, which lasted less than forty-five minutes, our neighborhood ended looking like a war zone. It was even worse to watch in the daylight.

We got some damage on the outside of the house, but our roof and windows held on well. My van was a different story (I have too many kids to drive a car). The back window broke, damaging the frame and a tail light. The windshield cracked from side to side, and the body  have dents that look like bullet holes.

Overall, we got minimal damage in comparison with some of our neighbors, but we still need to deal with claims, adjusters, and repairmen. And to make everything even better, I have a sore throat that’s sucking all my energy.

What now? Nothing more than to continue to deal with real life. At least, I don’t have an outside job and a boss. My #WIP is taken care of, and I love the publisher I’m working my proposal for. They had been fantastic all the way through. Tomorrow would be another day to deal with the new adventures of real life and the crazy boys that live in my mind.

And please, don’t worry about anything, we are doing okay. By Sunday, I hope to have some progress to share with all of you. By the way, that’s my husband’s hand, way too white to be mine ;-P


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  1. I saw some news reports on that hail last night, and all the devastation it left behind. I’ve never seen hail that large!! The largest we’ve gotten around here, (southeast WI) is probably Ping-Pong ball size and that’s a rarity.

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