Monday Flash Fics – Military Cats – 4/18/2016


Military Cats

“Who let those cats in?” Lieutenant shouted.

Gilbert cuddled closer to Finn, rubbing his scent all over his mate. He ignored the men in his squadron that had no answer for the Lieutenant. The jerk sneezed and Gilbert wanted nothing more than to jump and scratch him all over.

Finn knew him well. His lover rubbed back against him, speeding up between the group. They pushed further into the barrack, climbing into their  bunks, shifting before everyone else chased them in.

“Catch those fucking cats!” the Lieutenant ordered.

“What the hell?” Gilbert asked, pretending to be awoken by the shouts.

100 words


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See y’all next Monday!



  1. I like it. You’re stories always take me completely by surprise and that’s just how I enjoy them 🙂

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