Reader? Writer? Reviewer?

2016 #ROW80 Round 2: Check-In #7

One thing I can’t stop doing, even when I want to get a career out of writing, is to stop reading. I consider myself a chain reader. As soon as I finish one book, I move to the next.

I love talking about books, too. Therefore, I enjoy reviewing what I read. I don’t rate books lower than three stars. I’d review it and explain what worked and what didn’t, I know, first hand, how much work writing a book really is. Even if I didn’t enjoy a story, I’d not condemned the author’s effort as well. The only exception are books in which rape is used to move the plot forward

Some think writers have to keep from critiquing other authors, but I think, it can be done respectfully. Never attacking the writer, but keeping the reviews based on the book’s content.

I can read and review three to six books a week, and I don’t think I’d stop anytime soon. Yes, I’d continue to work on my writing career, and hopefully, I’d get some good reviews in the near future.


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