2016 #ROW80 Round 2: Check-In 11

The last couple of days had been a welcome distraction. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m between projects and taking some time to catch up with loose ends. What I realized since then it’s that I need a better balance between my writing, reading, and real life.

I can get blinders when I’m writing, and everything else falls through. But at the same time, this makes my writing more difficult because I keep thinking about those things I should be doing instead and get trouble concentrating on my books.

I’m trying to find the right balance between writing, reading, reviewing, blogging, and living. It’s going to take me a couple more days to find it, but hopefully, when I start working on my next project full time, it would get a better experience. I want to enjoy the process and not be bored or tired of it by the end.

Will see how it works. For now, I’m keeping all my tasks to a minimum and trying to get rid of busy work I really don’t need.


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A Round of Words in 80 days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life.


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