Monday Flash Fics – Into the Light – 5/23/2016


Into the Light

As soon as I emerged, I looked around for Jess. He smiled, and I rushed toward him.

“You did it!” Jess said.

“Because of you.”

“No. It was your decision to accept God into your heart.”

I closed my eyes and leaned against his chest. “Sorry, sorry. I’m getting you all wet.”

“That’s okay,” Jess said, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

I cried as the baptism continued behind us. My new community accepted me and now, they continued to hold candles to guide us into the light. I have everything I need, a new beginning and a loving boyfriend.

100 words


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See y’all next Monday!


  1. Perfect. This picture evoked such a sad feeling in me, and I looked for a way to write a story that wasn’t that. You found it. 🙂

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