Monday Flash Fics – Commuting – 6/6/2016

Two stories for the price of one picture. Enjoy!


On My Way Home

I have no idea why I agreed to this. Yes, the brat was graduating high school, and I had promised over the years I’d come, but I had hoped she had forgotten all about me by now. Looking out the train window brought so many memories. The bright sun and the tall fields welcomed me even when I wanted to run the other way.

I kept it simple for the trip, designer jeans and a white tee with my company logo. Hey, I can brag. The penny-pinching geek came back with more than an expensive Hermes bag by his side.


Commuters Lot

The bus frame felt cold against my hand, and the sun tried to block the view for me, but I kept moving until I got the right angle— this was my future after all. I cleaned my glasses with the hem of my white-T and leaned back. My legs bumped the seat in front of me, and I cringed.

“What the—”

I looked up and gasped when I saw the owner of the angry words. Daniel Lewis.

“Bastard! You got the internship, too, and didn’t tell me?”

“I… I…”

“Relax, man. This is not a hookup; this is Google.”

100 words each


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See y’all next Monday!




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