2016 #ROW80 Round 2: Check-In #19

Since the last update, I managed to finalize the working blurb and synopsis for my next short story. I’m aiming for six thousand words, but it’s my first time attempting a true short story. Don’t get me wrong, the longest story I have available is only 25K, and my upcoming novella is at 38K pre-edits by the publisher. I have a story to edit at the end of the month that it’s currently at 55K, but anything more than that is epic in my book.

I like short and straightforward. I love 100 words flash fictions and 24K novellas. This 6K story is a welcoming challenge, though. It’s going to be more than a single scene, but it would expand only about twelve hours. That’s enough time for the MCs to meet and get a HFN, right?


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  1. I like writing shorter pieces as well. 5,000 is about ideal for me. But I do believe that it is good exercise to vary the length of what we write. Gets us out of our comfort zone and causes us to see things differently. Best wishes with all the lengths you write in

  2. I do regular shorts that are a minimum of 5k (shorter ones exist, but I put them up for free…the 5k+ ones are 99 cents) Around 6-8k is really good. Right now I’m working on a story for a contest, and the limit is 8k so I have to make sure I make the most of the words I’m allowed!

  3. I tend to write long, so there’s been huge value in going as short as Twitter fiction – only 140 characters for a Whole Story! Eeps! But I’ve done it, and maybe even well….

    6K can give you lots of room of your story fits the space, and you focus on getting the most out of every word.

    Best of luck, Lila! =D

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