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2016 #ROW80 Round 2: Check-In #22 | 10 Minute Novelist: Update 21

Since my last post about story lengths, I had been experimenting with a short story for an X-mas Submission. I planned for 6k words to start with, but after writing the first two chapters, I realized the story was snowballing into a novella. Instead of letting it flow, I went back and reconfigured the plot and re-wrote the chapters. I did plot and extra 2K words, but that’s better than doubling the story.

I love 100 words flash fictions because they allow me to convey a full story in a few words. I want to transfer that same principle to my short stories. I have a lot of transient characters that stop by to whisper their stories, and I know I can give them their HEA in a handful of words. I know most readers expect full-length novels, but I like to be able to read a good story in one sitting. I’m almost half-way through my story and hopefully, by my next update (last of this round) I’d be done with it or close to it.

And, by the way, thank you for letting me rant about the #OnePulse blood drives last week. As a community, we needed everyone’s help.


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