Monday Flash Fics – Mugs – 7/11/2016

Military Cuppa


“Here he comes,” Amber murmured as we man the registers.

Sergeant Hernández entered the coffee shop precisely at zero-six-hundred and stood in line, arms behind his back, attention completely on me. A shiver ran through me, and Amber snickered. We had been playing this cat and mouse game for a while, but today I was ready to pounce.

“What can I do for you today, Sergeant,” I asked.

“Same as always, Donovan.”

“Not a problem. Go ahead and sit on the patio, I’ll take it to you when it’s ready.” He seemed flustered for a moment. Perhaps because I didn’t follow our script, but he paid and followed my orders. So well trained.

I grabbed the two mugs I got at the market last week and got his triple shot chocolate macchiato ready before pouring some black tea in the other for me. “I’m going out back,” I told Amber, placing a kiss on her cheek on my way out.

“Here you go, Sergeant.” He grabbed his mug and smiled when I sat beside him.

“Nice mugs,” he said before taking a sip.

“Can I get a taste?” I asked. Before he could complain, I leaned in, tasting his lips.

200 words each


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See y’all next Monday!



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