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2016 #ROW80 Round 3: Check-In #13

Today I decided to join Instagram. Not like I needed another reason to procrastinate, but because I like to interact with my readers. The MM Romance community is a small niche in which most authors started as readers; me included. And it’s easy to interact with your favorite authors in a daily based.

My first stories were part of writing events in which I had the opportunity to write to a prompt. Those were placed on a thread, and the writer had the chance to interact with readers interested in reading the end result. Therefore, I love to post snippets of my WIPs as I write and make comments about my characters.

Social media serves now as my connection with my current and future readers. I have several outlets, and I check most of them daily. I do use notifications to be sure I don’t spend too much time in them. But my list is extensive.

I do need to do a better job answering my blog comments. I read them all and hit like, but I want to interact more. Another thing I did today was to update my Facebook Author’s page and private group. I’m using the page for more general updates and promotions and the group to share unedited snippets, inspirational pictures, and other tidbits about my stories. I do have to keep the group private because I write stories for 18+ audiences.

I do have another group for my MF readers, but since I don’t have an MF story out yet, I’m not actively using it. And I’d need to create another author’s page when my MF story comes out early next year.

Do you have a favorite way to interact with your readers?

Below are the links to my social media outlets in case you want to join in or follow me.



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  1. I just interact as me. Because I don’t want to see folks as readers or not-readers. I guess I have the same basic philosophy as Kurt Vonnegut – interact with folks where you find them. Get to know them and their stories.

    I recently joined Instagram because an actor I liked posted a very cool picture there, and I couldn’t comment without joining. I’m glad I did – it’s inspired me to capture more random moments along the way, and see what I can do with my phone’s camera,

    And I get to see another side of people I know, too.

  2. I have trouble keeping up with social media as well. My blog and Twitter are about the social limit dean maintain. I don’t know which one is better if at all but since I don’t have anything to sell out yet, I guess all is well,

    As for sharing snippets, we have a nice (PG- mostly) group that posts on Wednesdays you may want to check out called the WIPpet Wednesday.

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