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2016 #ROW80 Round 3: Check-In #20 | 10 Minute Novelist: Update #31

Over time I have realized most of my intellectual limits. From going to bed early and waking up in the middle of the night to study for a test when in high school to the traditional all-nighters during college, I have adjusted to meet my goals.

I’m currently writing the last chapters in my story and the longer it takes me to reach the end, the more trouble I have doing other tasks. I have reduced the amount of books I read, but that only decreased the number of words I write. I guess, I need the inspiration. Also, since my brain is engaged in my story, I have trouble coming up with blog post topics and writing book reviews. Even my social media posts suffer during this time.

One of two things, I’m getting too old to multitask, or I need to do a better job focusing on each task. I’m hoping to take this coming week off since I’m going to be between stories, and hopefully, reset some of my brain capacity. I think I need to delete my cookies.


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  1. I tend to get lost in my writing at certain points. It’s like the social interactions of real life and my story world are all I can manage, so everything else gets set aside.

    May you find the blend that carries you through!

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