The Week Ahead & Other Plans

2016 #ROW80 Round 4: Check-In #2 | 10 Minute Novelist: Update #33

I liked the way everything is falling into place for this round. It started strong, and I was able to take some time off to be with my family since it’s a long weekend here in the US. I did two book reviews and some basic planning, though.

One thing I’m doing differently this time, it’s using my Sunday post to plan the rest of my week. To set smaller goals to be more accountable for my time. I do have the time to do better. I just need to sit down and work. And that’s what I’m trying to achieve during this round.

Weekly goals:

  • Read 2-3 books
  • 4-6 book reviews
  • Work on new book proposal
  • Plan anthology story
  • 2,500 words for anthology submission
  • Update Excel writing sheets
  • Production edits (if available)
  • #Row80 Check-ins
  • Start a Friday blog post series
  • 6 sentences blog post
  • #RomanceFit


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