Characterization Edits & Plans

2016 #ROW80 Round 4: Check-In #4 | 10 Minute Novelist: Update #34

I worked on some of the tasks I had scheduled for this week, but I spent most of my time working on the second set of edits for my 2017 novella release.

I don’t get attached to my characters/stories. After I submit them, I tend to move over to the next project. I do need to admit that I had to search for the name of my characters when I got the edits back. I do remember the stories and the details, but the names are a different beast.

I should be done with my edits later today, but one thing I have learned is that our readers can’t get the full story about my characters if I don’t include all the information necessary. Just because I know, a fact about a character doesn’t mean my readers knows it too unless I let them know.

One thing I had been working on is keeping one MC consistent and trying to reduce the amount of mood swings. With the other, it has been to keep him from being a selfish bastard. For both,  letting the reader know their reasons and how they cope.

Overall, it had been an interesting process. One I enjoy more than writing the book in the first place. I know, I’m weird like that. 🙂

Last week’s tasks:

  • Read 2-3 books
  • 4-6 book reviews – wrote 2
  • Work on new book proposal – still pending
  • Plan anthology story – still pending
  • 2,500 words for anthology submission – 0 words written
  • Update Excel writing sheets
  • Production edits (if available)
  • #Row80 Check-ins
  • Start a Friday blog post series – postpone ’til January
  • 6 sentences blog post – didn’t participate this week
  • #RomanceFit

This week’s tasks: (Oct 17th-23rd)

  • 4-6 book reviews
  • Work on new book proposal
  • Plan anthology story
  • 2,500 words for anthology submission
  • Production edits (if available)
  • #Row80 Check-ins
  • 6 sentences blog post
  • #RomanceFit


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  1. good luck with finishing the edits. I have that problem too, not realizing I left some detail out b/c I know it. I have more of a problem with that with setting details.

  2. I’m really good at remembering people’s names – but I’ve had the opposite problem with information. I used to give so durned MUCH of it, there was no element of mystery left at all! One of the things I’m focusing on with my current batch of revisions is hitting that “just-right” amount – not revealing too much OR too little.

    You had a good week! May this one be even better! =)

  3. Some of your revelations during the editing process made me grin. I’ve had similar and it is always entertaining to see that others have similar challenges.

    And yeah, edits and rewrites can be fun too. I used to dread the process so much, but eventually realized it is just more writing–and writing is fun.

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