The Magical Blurb

2016 #ROW80 Round 4: Check-In #9

Today’s day two of #NaNoWriMo and I have zero motivation to write. I know the basics about my story and my characters, but the main conflict still a puzzle. I’m not a pantster or even a plotter. I simply like to have an idea to guide my story. Most times, just writing two or three words for each plot point is enough. I write by scenes–ideas I would like to see coming to life.

I have at least two of those already set, but I’m still waiting for everything to click. It’s not writer’s block, but just the way my muse works. I can’t do anything until I can see the whole story behind my book. Then, I go in and fill the blanks.

When all fails, the blurb shows up. I love writing blurbs and synopsis for my stories. They give me a clear picture of things to happen. It’s almost like looking for a good book to read, but in this case, is a nice book to write. So today, I’m taking the time to write the blurb for my story without worrying about word counts. My main characters are ready to jump, they just need to know where.

Hopefully, by Sunday, I’ll be at least halfway through the story. Elliott and Vincent can’t wait to be with each other.


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