Reaching Out to Our Readers

2016 #ROW80 Round 4: Check-In #21

One thing I love about being a writer is to interact with my readers. Sometimes it’s difficult since I don’t comment on reviews, even when I read them all. Plus, I don’t have more than a handful of followers. Even so, I like to talk books, a lot. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I have continued working as a reviewer. That way, I can interact with readers, no matter we aren’t talking about my stories.

I have many social media outlets and I am pretty active in most of them. You can see the list here, but I like a more personal touch. That’s why I decided to start a newsletter in January of 2017. It’d give me the chance to connect directly with those interested in knowing more about my new releases, special discounts, and exclusive content.

Will see how this goes. If you want to subscribe before the official annoucement, you can sign up using this link Do you use newsletters or do you prefer other methods to stay in contact with your readers?


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One comment

  1. I haven’t tried a newsletter yet – I’ve been apprehensive about making that leap. But, in reading this post, I’ve realized that I’ve already done physical newsletters monthly on two occasions – through a fan organization with a community-service bent; and for a small business where I was an employee making a little extra on the side to design stationery and other branded desktop publishing items.

    More than that – I also thought of a very good reason for having one, and thoughts about layout…

    So thank you for that!

    May your launch go well! I’ll come sign up soon!

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