Lila’s Monthly Musings Sign-Up

Hey, guys… The holidays are around the corner, and after that, the new year. As part of my 2017 plans to keep in contact with you, I decided to start a monthly newsletter call Lila’s Monthly Musings. I know, I know. You probably get more than enough spam emails on a daily basis, but I promise to keep the spamming to a minimum. *cross fingers behind back*

If everything goes as planned, you should received your first official newsletter around January 15th. In it, you will get information about new releases, exclusive content, and giveaways. Plus, a look at my favorite books and releases by other authors. And a little birdy told me, something special would be included. More details to come real soon.

Signing up is simple, just click the link below, enter your information, and confirm your registration. That simple!

If you are reading this post on an email, you are subscribed to my website posts, but not the newsletter. You still need to sign up for the newsletter separately. If you are on the blog, you probably noticed the pop-up window. See? Simple.

Please feel free to share the link, the more the merrier. And if you want to stalk me around the web, visit my social media page here to see all the options.



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