Last Rowing Sunday

2016 #ROW80 Round 4: Check-In #22 | 10 Minute Novelist: Update #43

I’m writing today’s update from my daughter’s computer. Mine was stolen two years ago, and I took over my husband’s instead of buying a new one. Then yesterday, the fan stopped working on his. Did I mention I the proofs for my 2017 release were due yesterday too?

So you can imagined the last twenty-four hours had been hectic. The kids are working on their end-of the year projects, and we are trying to prepare for the holidays.

I have been able to keep up, just at a slower pace. I’m working on the last promotional posts, book reviews, and starting to plan 2017. I signed up again for the 10 Minute Novelist challenge and I’m looking forward to the next #ROW80 round.

As the year end, so are my current projects. I hope 2017 start with a bang, for all of you.


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  1. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I had the exact same thing happen about a month ago, and mine was the fan, too. I lost my puter for 11 days. I had to use an older one, which thankfully still worked. But it was scary and stressful, b/c I was on a tight deadline myself. I can’t even imagine doing that over the holidays. 😦

    Glad you were able to keep up. Did you have your husband’s computer serviced? Usually it’s not too big a deal, unless the fan is soldered to the motherboard…or so I have been told. 😉 Good luck with that, your 2017 release, and happy holidays!

  2. I spent about half of 2016 using my Accomplice’s ancient Sony Toughbook – this was meant for police officers, construction teams, and the on-site terminal. It wasn’t designed for the use I put it tom which made everything more stressful.

    I hope all is ironed out now, and that you get a new computer for yourself at some point soon!

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