December ’16 Recap

My only goal for December was to deal with it and I succeed. I mostly worked on promos for Tow Trucks & New Year’s Kisses and setting up my new release. I completed the proof edits for it too.

I tried to finished a short story but it didn’t work. I ended with three different half-stories that I hope to finished some day. I spent the majority of my time reading, reviewing, and dealing with life.

As the year ends, I’m hoping to get a little more productive. I want to reduce my procrastination efficiency and be more focus on my writing. I’m planning to reduce my reading and reviews, but always taking into consideration that I do better when I’m submerge in a good story.

I’m still working on my 2017 goals, so you will need to wait and see. But remember, if you signup for my newsletter, you would get a copy of Uncle! in your favorite format.

Numbers for December:

* 27 MM books read, reviewed, & posted/scheduled
* 7,692 words written for reviews, posts, etc. [not including today or tomorrow]
* Blog tour/guest posts completed for TTNYK
* DSP proof & last edits
* Updated file for Uncle!

Have a great New Year! ~ Lila Leigh


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