#TeaserTuesday – 1/3/2017 Graphic Exposure (Exhibits, #1)

One of my plans for 2017 is to edit and extend Graphic Exposure. It currently sits at 18,000 words, but the plan is to, at least, double it. It’s also going to be the first in the Exhibits series. Originally, I wanted it to consist of five books, but most likely, it’s going to be only three. With the other two books in the near future, but as part of a different BDSM kink specific series.

For now, here’s a little teaser to get you back into the mood. Enjoy!

The knock on the door startled Shaun. He had been crawling out of his skin since he had woke up alone in Master Lucas’ guestroom shortly after midnight. Ready or not, it was too late to back down. He was sure he should have at least a good five to six years before midlife crisis became real to him. There was no explanation for his lack of judgment. It wasn’t like him to be acting like a fool, pining after a man’s voice. Shaun had fast-tracked his internship hours and had crammed all seven tests one after the other, and now, twelve years after graduation, he was a licensed architect with his own firm. Yes, he had a partner, whom he hated at the moment, but overall they were on their way to success. Unfortunately, losing one drunken bet to the aforementioned asshole had brought him to this moment.

“Are you going to open the door or are you planning on using your mind-control superpower to make them leave and forget you even exist?”

“Fuck you, Jim. I’m not even sure why you’re here. You know, someone should be at the office— working.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Shy. When you were here getting your panties in a bunch, I went to the office and gave everyone the afternoon off. I’m the best boss ever, according to them.”

Shaun glared at his best friend and business partner. Once upon a time, he had thought he loved that man. Now Shaun knew better. Jim’s only purpose in life was to make him miserable. He guessed it was too much to ask for their relationship to survive after Shaun had asked his well-mannered boyfriend at the time to bend him over the bar of the club they were in and to fuck him with a beer bottle— it was just a fantasy that Shaun had shared softly as he kissed Jim’s jaw, but it had been the start of the end.

If Jim only knew what Shaun had been up to last night. He had to laugh; three years after the event, and Jim still had trouble sitting at the bar with him without thinking about Shaun’s request, mostly because Shaun always found a subtle way to remind him. Jim was a good sport but, in the end, they had decided their careers were more important and had settled for a work partnership that had satisfied Shaun more than their romps in the sheets.

A second knock on the front door made Shaun grunt and Jim laugh. Shaking his head in disapproval, Shaun left the hyena alone in the kitchen. Damn, Jim knew him well— he had hoped the cursed photographer and his crew had forgotten about him and the appointment. He opened the front door before his guest had a chance to knock it down; people had no patience these days.

“Mr. Foster?” a very stylish blond man asked.


“Great, it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Mace Rosen; we talked over the phone—?”

The guy stopped talking, probably realizing Shaun was frowning at him. He could even feel the lines forming on his forehead. Of course Jim had used his name to put his evil plan into motion; maybe if Shaun didn’t sign the release forms, he could disentangle himself from all of this. Shaun could claim he was unaware of the scam Jim had concocted. A snort escaped Shaun, causing blondie to step back. Now he was just being an ass; it wasn’t the poor guy’s fault that Shaun and Jim were still dorks, even if their frat years were long gone— or that Shaun felt exposed after last night’s interlude.

“I apologize to you, Mr. Rosen. You spoke with the numbnuts laughing behind me, but it’s my pleasure to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you better,” Shaun said as he offered his hand in greeting. He noticed the delicate flush on the other man’s face at their contact and smiled. Shaun mentally patted himself on the back, knowing he could be nice when necessary. Plus, the guy was short, slim, and cute too, so he may gain something by the end of the day. He was going to be posing provocatively, anyway— better to use it to his advantage. “Please come inside,” Shaun added, placing his hand on the man’s lower back to guide him into the house. It felt nice, and he noticed when the blond had slowed down to get stronger contact. Shaun grinned knowingly at Jim, who was now the one shaking his head disapprovingly.

“No problem, Mr. Foster. I know everything about meddling friends. But please call me Mace, all my friends do.”

“I’d love to, but only if you call me Shaun in return.”

“Shaun it is,” the man responded seductively.

“Mace, meet Jim Telas, my partner. Jim, this is Mace Rosen, but you can call him Mr. Rosen.”

“Oh,” Mace said.

“Asshole,” Jim replied, swatting Shaun’s arm. “Please, Mace, ignore Shy, he’s just having a case of cold feet. It’s nice to finally meet you in person after so many lovely conversations. And by the way, we are just business partners. I’m not touching that again, even if they pay me,” Jim added.

Shaun snorted, and the other two men laughed, breaking the slight tension in the room. Jim was slim but muscled, almost like a swimmer. His hair was cut short but in a modern style, and his jovial attitude made everyone around him happy, but just like Shaun, he wouldn’t touch that again. They had too much to lose if they tried to be a couple again.


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