30 Weeks of Kink: Week #1 – 1/5/2017

Like you know, I’m part of the BDSM Group in Goodreads. One of the discussion they have is based on the 30 Days of Kink prompts found in QueerKink. I decided to bring this discussion here, and answer the questions from a writer’s perspective. Later on, I might add opinions from some of the characters in my books. I just want to keep it simple and fun. One question every Thursday for the next 30 weeks. So, here we go.

Week 1: Dom, Sub, Switch? What parts of BDSM interest you?

Personally, Doms and Dommes are my favorite characters to write about. Perhaps because it goes better with my personality. I like to explore the reasons behind a sadist’s mind. A submissive is strong in their submission, but a Master or Mistress is responsible for two people–themselves and their partner.

Achieving the balance to find their pleasure without shattering the submissive’s trust is a balancing act. Plus, putting their needs before yours is an act of restraint.


  1. ” the reasons behind a sadist’s mind” that sound really interesting. I also prefer that part. I read a few day ago a book that was most center in the submissive person in a relatioship and I felt I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I do when I get to see the dom.

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