Monday Flash Fic – Snowed Beach – 01/09/2017

It’s been a while since I wrote a flash fiction piece. The #MondayFlashFic group had a Winter event, but I didn’t get the chance to participate. So here’s my modified entry.


Snowed Beach

“Let me get this clear. You invited me here—” Jason said, pointing at their surroundings, “to see the beach for the first time. And now, all I’m seeing is your backyard, covered in snow, and we can’t even throw a line in that pond of yours because everything is frozen.”

“Are you done? Because I live in Virginia Beach, it doesn’t mean that the beach is available 24/7. Plus, I had no idea that a storm would hit this weekend,” Carl responded as he wrapped his arms around Jason.

“Fine.” Jason sighed before resting his head on Carl’s shoulder.

100 words


Don’t forget to visit the Monday Flash Fics Group on Facebook to read the rest of the stories.

See y’all next Monday!



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