Monday Flash Fic – Beach Twins – 02/06/2017


Beach Twins

“It’s so good to have you here.” I looked down, playing with the sand around us. I didn’t want to be the sappy one—as always—but having Arthur home felt right. He pushed my straw fedora down before leaning back on his elbows; crossing his legs.

“I missed you too, Tommy.” He laughed and we both looked toward the shore. San Diego had been our parents’ home before ours. And now, having him back from college brought our family back together.  The last four years had been the longest we had stayed apart since we shared our mother’s womb.

100 words


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See y’all next Monday!



  1. OH….I’m intrigued. It could of course be exactly as innocent as it sounds, in my perverted mind however…. Wonderful.

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