30 Weeks of Kink: Week #6 – 2/9/2017

Week 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

As an author, I live in a constant fantasy. I don’t have to pick and choose. Plus, I don’t need to worry about leaving my house or involving anyone else to see how they would end. And all the participants are always satisfied, unless, they are into delayed or denied gratification.

One of my favorite fantasy scenes takes place in Graphic Exposure, but as the title says, it’s too graphic for this blog. Therefore, I’m sharing the setup for you. The conversation is between Lucas and West (Dom) and they are talking about Shaun’s fantasy. I can add that by the end of the night, Shaun got more than he bargained for. 🙂

    “He’s not my boy, just my toy for the night,” West interrupted.

“Semantics. I know you’ll want more after you get a taste of what he has to offer.”

“You know I want to collar a boy someday, but these toys are just the equivalent of a one-night stand as far as I’m concerned.”

“Yes, but this one is different. We spent the afternoon together, and I have a good idea of what he wants tonight. As you can tell, he’s sensory-deprived at the moment, and I personally helped him get ready for tonight. The toy has been in that position for at least twenty-five minutes and has not moved a muscle.”

West smiled knowingly. He had felt the boy— no, the toy, shiver at his touch, and West was looking forward to getting more out of him.

“I’m sure you enjoyed the preparations.”

“I’m not going to lie. I had fun getting him ready, and he trusted me enough to be comfortable with it, but honestly, the toy wasn’t into it.”


“That, my dear friend, is where you come into the mix. This sub wants to experience what it would be like to be used by strangers, but in a controlled environment.”

“Don’t they all—?”

“He wants the threat, not the actual actions. The toy’s into mind games, just like you. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen what he can endure, and I can assure you he’s a masochist, but at the moment, the sub’s trying to fulfill his fantasies,” Lucas interrupted.

“I’m guessing you’re his proxy for the night. I need to know his limits, safeguards, and anything else you deem important,” West said noncommittally.

The smug look on Lucas’s face showed West that he had been played. Lucas had staged their meeting, knowing he couldn’t say no after seeing the toy and knowing what the man requested. West wanted to kick himself; he had no plans to stay longer than one scene, and now, his damn cock was ready to play.

“Yes, I’m his proxy for now. After you talk to the toy for the first time, he’d be taking over. The toy has a set of sagats— finger cymbals–on; one single tone to slow down, and multiples to stop.”

“Are they loud enough?”

“Are you going to be paying attention to his cues?” Lucas deadpanned.

“You really care about him.” It was West’s opinion, not a question. Whoever this sub was, he was important to Lucas, and therefore to him. “Keep going. The toy’s arms need to be untied soon.”

“Hard limits— no animal, age, electrical, blood, cutting play, nor scat, golden showers or torture, and especially, no permanent markings or anal penetration with foreign objects. Soft limits— penetrative sex or touch from someone other than his Dom. Other than that, he’s game for anything; how much is physical or mental, is up to you.”

West’s brain was working in overdrive; the possibilities were endless. It almost seemed as if Lucas recited West’s own limits.

“One more thing: he wants to do everything right here, in the open. He wants to feed his exhibition cravings— objectification and humiliation are turn-ons as well.”

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