[Fridays With Friends] #InstaFreebie Valentine’s Day Romance #Giveaway

Today is all about #InstaFreebie. I’m taking part of two, that’s right, two InstaFreebie Valentine’s Day Romance giveaways. The first one has 120 participants and it’s host by Suzanne Zannis Jenkins from February 10th to the 18th. It’s all about romance and it has something for everyone–from sweet, faded-to-black stories to BDSM. The majority of the stories are MF, though.


And for my loyal readers, you can get your copy of Uncle! as part of the M/M Romance Valentine’s Giveaway host by Isobel Starling from February 10th to the 15th. On the event page, readers can download 34 new stories — shorts, novelettes, and excerpts from established M/M authors and several new authors. We have a wonderfully diverse range of sub-genres on offer: Contemporary, BDSM, Erotica, Fantasy, Historical, Comedy, and Paranormal.


Happy Valentine’s! ❤

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