#TeaserTuesday – 2/21/2017 – Binding Jax’s Heart

Since I’m currently working on the re-edit of Binding Jax’s Heart, I think it would be nice to see a little teaser of where the story is before all the changes and additions start. Enjoy!

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, but I needed to take a quick shower to get rid of the greasy smell from the deli. I love to cook, but I end up smelling like yesterday’s leftovers by the time I get home.”

“That’s okay. No worries.”

“Oh, but I do worry. You know, someone forgot to give me a hello kiss when I got home. I think he was knuckles deep inside my woman.”

“Fuck, Master. That was hot,” Jax said, before walking into his Master’s open arms to greet him properly. The kiss was forceful and delicious. Val took the time to suck on his bottom lip before tracing it with his tongue. Then he pulled Jax’s hair, changing the angle before he plunged his tongue between Jax’s parted lips. Jax’s body trembled before he melted against his Master’s chest. Val grabbed Jax’s ass, making him cry at the pain caused by the cage.

“Sorry, baby boy. Let me take care of that for you.”

Master Val got to his knees and opened the button of Jax’s jeans. Jax felt like squirming as his Master placed a soft kiss over the exposed skin, lapping his tongue around Jax’s belly button.


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