[Fridays with Friends] Becky Jerams & Could You Love An Apple?

I’m pleased to welcome Becky Jerams today to let us know more about her new release Could You Love An Apple?


Title: Could You Love An Apple? (Love Stories #2)

Author: Becky Jerams


Taylor Raven is starting over.

After a few difficult college years, he has decided to finally move away from Havensdale (and away from his father) to take a tennis coaching course in the tiny village of Westerfield.

The peaceful country life is exactly what Taylor needs to get away from it all. However, it is also incredibly lonely living by himself in the middle of nowhere. And no matter how far he runs, Taylor just can’t seem to escape the mistakes of his past.

As he struggles to find any kind of meaningful connection, he comes across a place on the outskirts of the village that will soon change everything. The Apple Inn – a pub run by a curious, slightly eccentric family who welcomed Taylor into their world with open arms.

Soon Taylor finds his guard dropping, particularly around the kind and fun-loving son of the family, Benjamin Apple. But the closer Taylor gets, the more he feels compelled to pull away… 

Can Taylor ever fall in love again when the one obstacle in his way… is himself?


Amazon US | Amazon UK



It had been five minutes of peaceful quiet. Five minutes. That’s all. And then the peace was broken.

“Hey there! How are you doing? Your day going OK so far?”

Taylor looked up tentatively from his laptop screen. “Are you talking to me?”

Standing in front of him was a young, red-headed guy holding onto a menu which was written on a little blackboard. His grin stretched widely across his face like an overexcited Cheshire cat. “Yes indeedy. How are you doing?”

Taylor sat there blankly. Was this guy seriously expecting some kind of response from him?

“I’m Benjamin,” the red-head continued, cheerily. “I see you’ve already met my sister Ashleigh.” He gestured toward the bar at Little Miss Slowpoke. “We’ve just been preparing ourselves for the crazy lunchtime rush… and looks like that’s you!” He let out a loud, booming laugh that echoed around the big, empty room.

It was all Taylor could do not to let out a profanity under his breath. What was with all these weird country folk? Why did they always have to be so jolly and talk to strangers like they were best buddies or something? He couldn’t care less who these people were and he certainly didn’t want to sit here making small talk with them.

Despite Taylor’s bristling body language, Benjamin kept on chattering animatedly. “So! I’m sure that you’re getting a bit peckish right about now. Can I interest you in anything on our specials board at all? We’ve got chicken pie, we’ve got sea bass, which, by the way, is absolutely superb if I do say so myself, and we also have our soup of the day which is honey and parsnip. A little sweet for some people’s tastes but you strike me as a man with a sweet tooth, am I right?”

Benjamin was pointing wildly at his blackboard whilst listing off all the different options. When he finished, he looked enthusiastically toward Taylor with a massive beam on his face. Taylor couldn’t help but imagine some pathetic Labrador puppy wagging its tail and begging for a treat.

“I’m not really hungry,” Taylor eventually said. Then he turned back to his laptop screen, hoping that would cut off the conversation. It didn’t work. Benjamin kept on with his sales pitch.

“We do have other options. Sandwiches, wraps, jacket potatoes. Oh my God, the coronation chicken is to die for. Here, let me find you one of our regular menus.”

Taylor felt his blood boiling. He wanted to scream at this guy to leave him the hell alone already. “No thanks. I’m honestly fine. I just came in here for a quick drink and to get some work done.”

Benjamin placed a laminated version of the menu on top of the wobbly table. “OK buddy! I’ll just leave this here and if you change your mind then let me or Ash know and we’ll get right on it for you.” With that, Benjamin bounced away and disappeared into what Taylor assumed was the pub’s kitchen.

Taylor exhaled a sigh of relief. Peace at last.

Benjamin then popped his head around the kitchen door.

“Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that we also have fish and chips. They’re the best in Westerfield! We actually had a guy who used to be in ‘Neighbours’ try them when he was visiting the village once. He said it was the best English food he’d ever had. You really have to try one of our fish recipes at least once if you’re local.”

Taylor wondered if he could slip out of the pub unnoticed, but considering he was the only person in there, that would probably have proven a little difficult.


My name is Becky Jerams. I was born on 26th June 1987 and I currently live in a little flat by the sea in Southsea, UK.

Over the past few years, I have been involved with many different creative projects to do with music and the written word.

I have recently delved into the world of Young Adult fiction, which is something that has caught me very much by surprise and somewhat taken over my whole life (in a good way). My debut novel Reasons To Love A Nerd Like Me is now available on Amazon Kindle after reaching 2.4 million hits on the free-read website Wattpad in first draft form.

The story is about a gay teenager named Scotty and his complicated love life. If you would like to know more about the story then please check out the Books page.  I have been so inspired by the young people who have read and connected with my story in some way and I hope to continue writing stories about these characters as well as other social issues that affect teens.

I absolutely love hearing from my readers and I post up any fan covers or art I receive on here as well as on my Facebook and Tumblr, so if you have any kind of creation inspired by my stories then please get in touch!


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Wattpad | WebsiteYouTube (Music Account) | YouTube (Book Account)


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