#TeaserTuesday – 2/28/2017 – A Chance to Fight

A Chance to Fight is my first story, ever. Looking back at it, I can see that. I hope to re-edit it into something more coherent at some point, but it was definitely a learning experience.  I still feel sorry for my poor editor. I think the topic is important, and their second-chance love story deserves a second chance. Until then, here’s a tease.

Leah stood up and started walking back to Gavin’s room. Austin caught up with her at the door.

“Fine, I’ll shut up, but I don’t care about your attraction to Sky.”

“Can you stop calling him Sky? His name is Gavin.”

“He will always be my Sky.”

Your Sky? Do you have any idea how hard it will be for Gavin to start over again? This is the second time he’s tried to commit suicide, and it was a lot closer than the last. He’s asking for help, but no one can help him if he doesn’t play his part. And you―” Leah stopped to clear her throat. She wiped hard at the tears stinging her face and took a deep breath before she continued, “Gavin and I went to class together, did homework together, and then you left, and he was waiting for you to come back. His world was already shattered, and then Brian had his accident, and their dad had another stroke.”

Leah saw the shock register on Austin’s face. He hadn’t known about Mr. Parker’s second stroke, or about Brian.

“So you see,” she said, “he feels guilty, but it’s up to him to tell you exactly why. He’s my friend, and I love him, and I’m asking you to give him time to process everything that’s happened. Because if he gets too attached to you and you decide to leave again, it would be over for him.”

“I have no intention of leaving him again. I’m here to stay, to be everything he needs. If you excuse me, I think he needs to hear this, not you.” Austin stepped past her and entered Gavin’s room. Leah went after him and pulled his arm, trying not to disturb Gavin, who was now fast asleep in bed.

“Get out of here.” Leah hissed.


“I’m going to call security to take you out,” she said, her voice loud enough to have awoken Gavin.

“Leah, please stop,” he pleaded. “Let me talk to him.”



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