[Fridays with Favorites] Great Expectations

When I say Great Expectations, I’m talking about the 1998 movie with Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow. I have not read the original Dicken’s novel, but I’m thinking about it. I want to see how far removed the movie is from the original. 

A friend I had a brief relationship with recommended this movie to be when we were in college. He always joked that it was our story, but we still good friends.

What I like the most is how Finn discovered his talent and how it relates to his relationships as an adult. Not only with his unrequited love but with his uncle and others around him.

And what all this has to do with writing? Well, I listen to the soundtrack of this movie on repeat when I’m writing. It has a good pace that allows me to get into the rhythm of my stories and Finn is an inspiring character.


Fridays with Friends & Favorites is a weekly post featuring authors, designers, editors, and anyone else brave enough to show up. And sometimes, my favorite book of the week might take the spotlight.


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