Kids & Beat Sheets

2017 #ROW80 Round 1: Check-In #19| 10 Minute Novelist: Update #10

I spent most of my time this week editing. I only have fifty percent left on the last set of edits pending, and I’m hoping to finish that tomorrow. I had it scheduled for the weekend but decided to spend the time with my kids instead. I really liked the new Trolls movie. I was a fan way back then, and love the new version.

They are off for Spring Break, so I’m planning to wake up early and do some writing or editing before they go out of their rooms. At least the older ones would keep the younger ones entertain for a while.

Also, I might give beat sheets a try. Two authors recommend the method, and I do need something to take me out of this stagnation. I have seen several online, but I think I’m going to buy Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes. Plus, there’s a Scrivener template and a PDF to follow along.

Since I’m planning to add more than romance to my next set of stories, I’d be adding other beat sheets to work the rest of the plots. But, I haven’t decided on a specific one yet. I’m still looking for something that would work with speculative fiction, mystery, etc.

As you see, I still in the planning stages. And with any luck, new words might be flowing around by the following week. Plus, I’d be re-working my writing schedule, again.

Accomplishments for week #10:

  • Read: 7 books
  • Reviewed: 4 book
  • Written: Weekly update for A Demon’s Duty to the Devil’s Son & Cavalry
  • Planned: Tried to do some outlining, but failed
  • Edited: Fifty percent done with the last set of edits
  • Promo: NA
  • Extras: many emails, posts, and many other words


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One comment

  1. Good luck with you editing and planning. My kids have this coming Friday and next Monday off school, so that may effect how much I get done. Though they’re usually pretty good at entertaining themselves thankfully.

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