Monday Flash Fic – Jumping Ship – 04/03/2017


Jumping Ship

“Are you sure this would work?” Apprehension showed on Julian’s face. He tilted his head, studying me in return.

“I’m not sure Sire. The words of the ancient scribes are just myths. We don’t know if other worlds besides ours exist.

“But it could be true?” I smiled at him. If someone had the answer it would be my royal mage. “We need to win this battle. I need to find a giant to join our ranks.”

“Very well. When we reach the lake’s deep end, jump ship.”

I did, and my body was pulled down by the undercurrent. I panicked, tried to swim toward the surface, but only sank further. As my lungs filled with water, I prayed to the gods to save my kingdom. I let go, and everything went black.


A loud noise, followed by a strong wind and the ground vibrating brought me out of stasis. I opened my eyes only to get water in them. I closed them again and shuddered. Wait! I can breathe. I raised my head and looked around. I lay in a water puddle, strange buildings around me, and a paper replica of my galleon beside me. We did it!

200 words


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** All the flash fiction pictures are for inspiration purposes only. The copyright belongs to the models/photographer. **

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