Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction – 11/27/2015

Young Cowboy

“Hold your hat and face me, don’t smile,” Camila ordered.

“This isn’t even my competition hat,” Derek complained. “What’s the point of the arm bandana? I don’t normally wear one.”

“It looks sexy, and we needed extra sexiness since you forgot your championship buckle. Now, can you please stop talking? We’re burning sunlight, and I want to capture the shadows over your abs.”

“Why? All I need are several promo pics for my pro rodeo profile. I’m not trying to get cast on a cheap cowboys’ porn flick.”

“You’ll thank me when you get all those cowhands chasing after you.”

Flash Fiction: Thanksgiving Edition

Beach Trio

“Can the two of you put those towels down?”

“What’s the hurry, Rick? We’re here on vacation. With nothing more than time to spare.”

“Yeah, but we still need to practice. The Olympic tryouts are a week after we return, and neither of us has a secured spot on the relay team.”

“I’m taking my time. I’m missing my mom’s Thanksgiving feast to be here with the two of you. And, I’m going to enjoy the pleasures of nude beaches, where I can ogle ’till my heart’s content.”

“Perv,” Rick and Dario said in unison.

“That’s Mr. Perv to you.”


Flash Fiction – 11/19/2015

Couples Torso

I never imagined so many people were necessary to shoot a porn. I had expected a guy to fuck me and another one behind the camera. Maybe some type of director to ensure all the naughty bits were visible, but the ten people in this room made me worry. Did I signed up for a gang bang?

Now that everything is set up, laying down on the leather bench wearing only my jeans make me want to run. But as soon as he placed his hand around my neck, I knew it would be incredible. I closed my eyes, surrendering.

Flash Fiction – 11/17/2015


Walking out of the store seemed like a dream. When I applied to be part of the exchange program, I never imagined we will end up in the same country. I had hoped for, but with so many options the odds were against me. Now, holding his hand as we walked down the old cobblestones I had to thank the gods for the miracle. I imagined we hadn’t been the only couple to find love when abroad, but perhaps we were one of the lucky ones. Holding the bag containing the boxes with our engagement rings felt like a dream.

Flash Fiction – Friday the 13th Edition: A Murderer’s Heart


The blues and purples taking over the night gave Fred another reason to smile. When darkness takes over, his time will come. Another year, another opportunity to love Jason. Before his man strikes again, he’d chance everything to claim his lover,  even if he had to turn down onto Elm Street.

His dreams had fueled his gut during his long wait, but Fred would destroy the monster others saw. All those his man had taken misunderstood Jason’s heart for nothing more than a dark pit. Fred knew the real man behind the mask, and tonight, he’d hold his killer again.