Flash Fiction – 12/23/2015

Three Young Men

“Do you think this will work?” Xolt asked before kissing Sadmiel.

“I’m not sure, but it’s worth trying,” Callek answered as he kissed Xolt’s neck.

Xolt trembled as his soon-to-be-mates wrapped him between their arms, their human bodies sliding against each other. Their skin felt foreign, and he missed his colorful tail, but as Callek said, this was their last resort. Who would have thought that a merman, a dragon, and an elf had any future together? But if their mating succeeded, they’d be able to share their gifts and live together, underwater, in the forest, or in the skies.

#RAINBOWSNIPPETS *~* DEC. 19-20, 2015 *~*

This weekend we are moving to the second book in the Gate to the Worlds series, Beyond the King’s Curse. Mermen, mersharks, mermallions, and many more sea creatures under the Bermuda Triangle.

“Are you going to make me chase you?” Tristan asked playfully.

Shivering at Tristan’s words, Tiberius twisted and turned, trying to gain speed. They zigzagged around reefs, schools of fish, and many other sea creatures. The seaweed and algae slowed them down, but they used the currents to their benefit. Tiberius’s heart was racing with excitement as he felt Tristan getting closer.

“Accept it, my love. You are not going to catch me,” Tiberius taunted Tristan.


BTKC Final Cover - Lila Leigh Hunter 600 x 900 Blurb

As the youngest son of the forsaken king, Tristan of Mernovia’s life changed abruptly when their kingdom was cursed by his father. Centuries later, he will learn that a close friendship will bring the happiness he searched for.

Tiberius Lir longed to be reunited with his family. Only a merman kept him sane under the Devil’s Triangle waters. He will do anything to regain what was rightfully his and to protect the numen who stole his heart.

Everything changed for the friends during a trip to the Bermuda reefs; between assassination attempts, worlds been exposed, and new kingdoms’ allegiances, the mers will find true love beyond the king’s curse.


Rainbow Snippets Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation.

A Tale of Many Stories

Happy December, everyone!

Only 31 more days left in this year, and hopefully, very productive days. During this month, I’ll be blogging, reading, re-writing, writing, and editing several stories. Plus, getting ready and enjoying the holidays. November was an intense month, and I always need a slower pace after a long writing period. These are my plans,


I’m hoping to keep posting as often as possible and keep you all up-to-date with the stories’ developments. As well as new flash fictions, and some post about my favorite reads of the year. A new interview, by a fellow author, will be available the end of the year.


I joined two Secret Santa gift exchanges in Goodreads, and it’s been an interesting distraction. Also, I’m participating in two reading challenges. This weekend I organized my reading shelves before I bought almost my weight worth of books, in addition to all the free goodies. I have about 90 books to-be-read, and that’s without counting the ones from the exchanges, the reading challenges, and my Kindle Unlimited picks. Therefore, I have more than enough to keep me up for several months.

And, I need to add all the reading that I need to do, of several of my books, before working on the next installments.


I’m planning to add some words and move others ones around before getting Binding Jax’s Heart ready for publishing on external vendors. When? Not sure, but soon. The same applies to Graphic Exposure, but I haven’t decided if I want just to do a re-write or turn it into a novel. Will see what happens.


I’m committed to writing 24k words this month. I had three stories pressing to be “The One”, but instead of picking one, I chose all three. If I can get about 8K words for each story, I’ll have an idea of what to write and finish during January. That’s if one of the stories doesn’t take over the rest. So, which stories? The third installment of Gate to the Worlds with Triton and Pieuvre as the MCs. The first book of The Curtland Inked Heirs, which remains untitled. And, Catfights, which I’m not sure, yet, if is going to be a stand-alone or a series. Follow my Pinterest boards to learn more about these stories.


And, finally, I’m planning to edit my #NaNoWriMo story, Prescribed Discipline, which currently sits at 55,477 words. I want to get it to my Alpha reader before the end of the year and to betas shortly after.

Now, how much I’ll achieve… well, that’s a different story. I just promise to keep you all in the loop. In the meantime, feel free to read the posts and contact me on social media. I love to interact!