Tow Trucks & New Year Kisses

#TeaserTuesday – 4/17/2017 – Tow Trucks & New Year’s Kisses

Since I’m working on Frosted Liabilities, I think is fitting to look back at Tow Trucks & New Year’s Kisses. Today’s teaser shows Patrick’s reaction the first time he sees Scott.

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#TeaserTuesday – 1/24/2017 –Tow Trucks & New Year’s Kisses

Since I’m gearing up to the next book in the series, here’s a little tease of Tow Trucks & New Year’s Kisses. Enjoy!


The rumble of an engine brought him back to his cold predicament. He adjusted his fedora and covered his mouth with his scarf as he moved closer to his brother’s Jag to signal the newcomer. It had been thirty-nine minutes. At least they had arrived before he froze his balls off. The truck lights illuminated the area, making Patrick cover his eyes. It took him a moment to readjust to the dark night after moving out of its reach. The flatbed was better than he had expected in a small town in the Valley. He did a double take when he realized it was hot pink, not exactly your everyday color. Well, that’s what he could see without being blinded again, anyway. The driver’s door opened, and Patrick moved closer. Before he could acknowledge the driver, Patrick ran out of words. A tall man in a well-tailored tuxedo stepped out of the truck, the lights reflecting on the shiny tips of his dress shoes. Patrick continued to gawk since the man was putting on some type of dirty work coat. He moved even closer, wanting to examine his savior’s features. They seemed to be about the same height, but the trucker had broader shoulders. Patrick was mesmerized by the geeky glasses and the long beard that concealed a hint of a smile. He wanted to run his tongue over the man’s thin upper lip and feel the coarse hairs partially hiding it.

The thwack of the closing door startled him back to reality, and the knowing smirk on the other man’s face made his body warm up for the first time that night.


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Feeling Encouraged

2017 #ROW80 Round 1: Check-In #2 | 10 Minute Novelist: Update #1

This week has been interesting. Getting back into the routine is taking longer than I expected, but it’s been very fulfilling. Yes, there are things like updating my website that I haven’t had the time to do, but I’m up-to-date with everything else; including my reviews.

Writing might take an extra week because I want to do some planning before I start. It’s one of the things I kept moving to the next day. I know my main characters since they’re the same as Tow Truck’s & New Year’s Kisses, but this novel/novella should be the first one in a trilogy.

So, tomorrow I’ll continue with my blog and review schedules, start planning book #1 of Cupcakes & Brews and start the review process for editing Binding Jax’s Heart. Yup, that’s the project that won second place in my writing plans for January and February.I’m expanding it and submitting it to a new-to-me publisher.

Accomplishments for week #1:

  • Read: 5 books
  • Reviewed: 5 full reviews; 5 shorts
  • Written: Just the weekly update for A Demon’s Duty to the Devil’s Son
  • Planned: next week’s schedule & plan of attack for writing and editing projects
  • Edited: NA
  • Promo: Created blog sign-ups; Set-up cover reveal; Got Instafreebie for Uncle!
  • Extras: lots of emails, posts, and many other words. At almost 8K words for the week.


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#RainbowSnippets *~* December 31, 2016 & January 1, 2017 *~*

As a way to celebrate the New Year, I’m doing a double feature #RainbowSnippet. We are going to see were Elliott and Vincent stand. Plus, I’m going to share a snippet from my holiday short story, Tow Truck’s & New Year Kisses since today’s New Year’s Eve.

I hope you all have a great 2017 to come, fill with happiness, health, and a lot of free time to read. See you all next weekend!

Week 6 of 52: Elliott’s POV [story continues right after the last entry]

Instantly, Elliott moved toward Vincent, pulling him up the floor by the throat. He then realized his mistake. The demon was taller and wider than him; most likely, stronger too. He looked up to dark pupils that dared him to attack, and he wanted to. Instead he let go and turned around. Shaking his head slightly to break the lust away from his head. Those eyes had showed him Vincent’s longing and buried fantasies, and it was strange to be the main player in all of them. The demon had a wicked side Elliott wanted to explore, but all could be a trick from his father. Vincent had been Hell’s second for decades, and who knew what deals he had with the devil.


In the next snippet, you will see how Patrick and Scott received the New Year. Enjoy!

“Two…one… Happy New Year!” everyone shouted in unison. Scott smiled. Beside them, Evan had knelt in front of Larissa and placed the engagement ring on her finger. Kisses and hugs started all around as people celebrated and noticed the good news. Scott turned to look for Patrick, and his breath caught. Patrick’s dark eyes were framed by his long black hair, now loose and disheveled without the fedora. The lust in those eyes had him pinned and shivering. Before Scott figured out Patrick’s intentions, the man grabbed the back of Scott’s head, pulled him closer, and pressed their lips together.


Rainbow SnippetsRainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation.