30 Weeks of Kink: Week #5 – 2/2/2017

Week 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience? If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happened.

Well, this one I’m going to switch a bit. Instead of talking about my first kinky sexual experience, I’m going to let you listen to a kinky scene in my first BDSM story, Binding Jax’s Heart. It was narrated by the BDSM Group in Goodreads as part of their Bedtime Stories series.

I’m currently revising and expanding this story, but I don’t think this is going to change much. This story is a FmM menage, but this particular scene has two couples (not interacting). One is Mm and the other Fm and is definitely NSFW. Enjoy!

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Characters Gone Bad

2016 #ROW80 Round 1: Check-In 10 | 10 Minute Novelist: Update 5

For the last couple of days, I had been trying to work on a second book proposal. I had the main ideas, the characters, and the setting picked. I just needed to plot a couple more scenes before diving into the synopsis, but for some reason I couldn’t. It felt as if the story was missing something, so I did some inspirational research, Pinterest in other words, and found the missing part.

It was another MC. As I worked on the plot, I kept changing the MCs’ professions. And for some reason, I couldn’t settle. Then, I was scrolling down the pictures and saw him, the third MC. The man that was destined to bring my other two MCs together– the one that would balance the careless dreamer and the serious developer. Spencer, the calm, collected local that loves his corner of the world. And that’s how my novella turned from M/M to M/M/M.

Yes, the characters took over my planning process and now, are in charge of getting me to the end of the journey. Telling me their stories and how they would find their happy ever after without making me or themselves crazy in the process.

Do you have any misbehaving characters in your WIP?


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We are one week away from the start of the “BDSM Bring Out Your Kink Series” event which celebrates our kinky desires and creativity.

We invite you to visit us in the Goodreads BDSM Group to view & join our free flowing collaboration between our members and writers.

To celebrate I’m leaving you with an except of the two stories I wrote for BOYK. Enjoy!


Binding Jax’s Heart [Available exclusively September 16th, 2015 on the Goodreads BDSM Group.]

“I need to go to the stage, and I don’t think you’re ready to be on your own just yet. As soon as I take over, Mistress Ciara would come and sit with you. I know it’s a lot to ask, but please trust her. Just like me, she just wants to help you.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jax replied without taking into consideration the implications of the blind leap of faith Master Val was asking for. Logically, Jax knew he was safe in the club and that he had just met Master Val. On the other hand, he had nothing to lose from listening to them and letting them protect him for the night. If everything else failed, he would just take the trolley back home and drown his sorrows in Jack and chocolate fondue.

“Sweet boy,” Val said as he pressed his lips against Jax’s forehead before he joined Mistress Ciara on the stage.

They looked amazing standing side by side. Her light skin looked even more pale against his caramel tone. Val’s dark hair, beard, and body hair contrasted decadently against her hairless skin and golden blonde hair. Wearing her boots, she was almost as tall as him, probably close to Jax’s five feet eleven inches. She pulled Val by the waist, bringing him flush against her chest and in a perfect position to caress the sub’s length with her long nails as she kissed her partner deeply. A moan escaped the sub, causing the couple to break the kiss. Val moved away from Mistress Ciara, and without preamble, kissed the sub forcefully as Ciara increased the pressure of her nails against the sub’s leaking cock. Jax’s cock wanted to join them. He would do anything to be in the sub’s position at that moment, getting those full lips against his and those wicked fingers against his member.


Graphic Exposure [Available exclusively October 16th, 2015 on the Goodreads BDSM Group.]

In time, he calmed down enough to shower and fix his hair. Shaun strapped his riding boots and tied the waistband of his bathrobe, no need for clothes now, before returning downstairs. As he stepped into the garage by the inside door, a muscle car parked outside, directly in front of the now opened rolling door.

A beautiful young woman— scratch that, man— stepped out the driver side, making his way to the bright yellow Camaro’s trunk, removing several bags. He wore some type of spring hat, shading his caramel waist-length hair from the sun. His chest was encased by a flowery button-up shirt, leaving enough open to frame several necklaces and the sleeves were rolled up, showing multiple bracelets. Everything matched perfectly with his painted-on washed Capri pants and a pair of intrinsically woven sandals that ended midcalf. Shaun couldn’t see his eyes, but he knew they were going to be as enchanting as the rest of the apparition walking into his garage as soon as the newcomer removed his sunglasses.

“I’m sorry I’m late, everyone. Macey, did you find me the centerpiece for my new exhibit?”

Shaun froze at the question and didn’t dare move forward. Everyone was unaware of his tumult, and he wanted it to stay like that. After last night, he’d recognize that voice anywhere. It’d haunt him for years to come. Fate had many wicked ways. That man pushed all of Shaun’s buttons, and he knew firsthand that Sir could make his body and soul fly.